Remote Worker Program

A Game Changer for Employees and Managers
Who Must Now Work Remotely

Valuable Insights to Successfully Work Remotely From Home:

There are many general articles advising managers and individuals on how to handle remote working situations. Unfortunately, these are not written for a specific person so they do not actually address how remote working may affect each person differently.

Why, because about 1/3 of the population struggles when working remotely, 1/3 third can do it successfully if managed correctly, and 1/3 does it easily.

Now the BestWork DATA company is offering nocost, personalized remote working online reports to help managers and workers adapt and be less stressed.

In a world with DATA, bad hires are optional, managing is painless, unlocking potential and working together is less challenging. We cannot change the situation, but we can help people see how to deal with it and make quick actionable decisions by allowing people to clearly understand their strengths and challenges.

Free Access to Personalized Remote Working Report Program:

Individuals, Companies and Coaches will have free access to 3 specific reports using the most advanced method to capture a person’s unique strengths and provide personalized information to help the employee and their company.
There Are 3 Ways to Sign Up Using the Links Below:


Enter the Code BWD-10, a Company can register and invite team members to complete the online survey. The company representative will then have access to their team members’ personalized reports.

Enter the Code BWD-10 a Coach can register and invite team their clients to complete the online survey. The Coach will then have access to their client’s personalized reports.

Enter the Code BWD-10 as an Individual, you can register and complete the online survey and get access to your personalized reports.

In case the button is not working for you, just copy and paste this URL into your browser and Enter the Code BWD-10. 

3 Specific Purpose Reports Available:

There are three different reports in the program, each designed for a specific purpose and a specific type of user: Business or Individual.

1. Remote Working for You (Using the employee’s DATA)

Written for the employee that is now working remotely. It explains why some aspects of remote working are more challenging for them specifically and suggests positive ways to adjust.

2. Managing Me Remotely (Using the employee’s DATA)

Written for the manager or supervisor of this employee. It explains what their specific challenges are when working remotely and suggest to the manager/supervisor positive ways to work with them during this time.

3. Your Remote Managing Coach (Using the manager’s DATA)

Written for the manager or supervisor who is now managing employees remotely. This report offers positive coaching suggestions on how the manager/supervisor can be more effective in a remote working situation.

About BestWork DATA:

BestWork DATA is the leader in using behavioral DATA to explain job behaviors, communication, collaboration and general job performance so that all people can work together in a positive way.

At BestWork DATA we ask ourselves, “How can we make manager’s and employee’s lives easier?” We use a simple online survey that makes it easy for managers to hire, train and manage their employee





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